• Moulding lines

Moulding Lines

We are specialized in the design and manufacturing of moulding lines for the confectionery industry. The production lines can be designed for one of the following specific processes:

The modular design allows the extension of the existing line with additional components anytime. You can combine different processes randomly to extend the product variety.

Responding to the need for increased capacity, we have developed our modular design concept. The moulds travel loose on a continuously running belt throughout the line. This gives you the option to build a moulding line in steps.

Our moulding lines are normally extended in 3 steps, which also shows the corresponding automation level.

Step 1: Depositor, Vibrationtable and Cooling-Spiral as an entry point into production lines

Step 2: Additional return conveyor and mould-reheating section for a continuous production flow.
Step 3: Additional automatic demoulding system for a fully automated production flow.

You can ugrade the capacity or change the production range also afterwards. All machines are intelligent units and are linked together in a network,  allowing plug and play of new equipment.

  • Moulding lines
  • Moulding lines

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  • Moulding lines

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Moulding lines

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