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Decoration with chocolate is possible due to the very high precision KCM depositors. Depositors with CAD-execution can freely move the depositor-head in all directions. With this advanced technology you can precisely decorate various products, such as hollow figures, lollies, bars and pralines.

You can use the CAD-feature also on oven-belts in order to decorate or deposit on biscuits, cakes or other pastries.

The unique turning piston system allows a maximum accuracy, even when the deposit volume is 0.01g.

All 3D-capable models of the KCM Series Depositors feature the latest Servo technology with maintenance free, contact-free, gearless linear Servo drives - resulting in the highest dynamics of head-motion for absolute precise and efficient decorations. The same Depositor can also be used to produce One-Shot products or solid bars.

With the loose mould system, various mould sizes can be handled as well as  spinning moulds  and even inexpensive vacuum-formed blisters.

Logic mould-detection systems with  RFID-technology allow assorted products to be made simultaneously in a production run - the machine recognizes the mould/product and runs fully automatic the matching programme.

In a decoration line normally each colour is deposited with a separate KCM CAD-depositor and for colours on top of each other, an intermediate cooling  is required. A special centering system allows the KCM CAD-depositor to decorate with two different colours, but with no cooling in between.

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